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Everything begins with an idea. Then from time to time, this manifests into something beyond an idea. AntiAlias began the same way. A musician, upset with the way music is perceived these days, with a larger focus on the person behind it than the actual music itself. That is why AntiAlias decided to stay anonymous. To let it speak for itself. To make people listen instead of look.

Hailing from berlin, his influences are quite clearly in the techno scene where he spent most of his youth. During his dj sets he builds an almost apocalyptic atmosphere through driving grooves and warbling, dub-tinted synthlines, though he is always keen to surprise a crowd with melodic moments to break up the darkness and shed light on a dancefloor.

This is something he also shares in his productions. His first EP “Somber Clarity”, to be released on Schakal, the label he co-founded, is already garnering big excitement and support before it’s release in May 2015.

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Unfazed by today’s complex equipment, Berlin-born Nick was just sixteen when he first stepped up to the DJ booth to spin and mix. Now, four years later, Mallone’s unique feeling for those big club moments has helped him truly make his mark in the fiercely competitive Berlin scene.

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The Berlin based DJ Duo Nightvisions has been djing together since 2011. After playing numerous gigs in Berlin, a small tour in Mexico and their first appearances in the UK and Cape Town the duo is now putting in some extra studio time to release their first EP. They are also the hosts of the notorious ROMANCE Parties.

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